FicceCode Hair Mask with Organic Ginger 300ml

Hydrolyzed Protein + pH Balanced


Restore Lustre Hair / Revitalise Hair Appearance / Repair Split Ends


Specially formulated hair mask with Australia's ginger essence, this hair mask can revitalise the appearance of the hair and restore lustre to the hair. It also helps to make hair feels stronger and balance pH of the scalp.

FicceCode Hair Mask with Organic Ginger 300ml

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  • Thin or fine hair.

  • HOME USE: Massage into part dried hair and leave for about 5 minutes then rinse out. For better result, dispense hair mask 3 times into water, gently soak your hair for about 3 minutes then rinse out. This is then followed by even application of FicceCode Hair Oil. Place a plastic shower cap over your hair after applying Hair Oil and leave for about 5-8 minutes then rinse with warm water. 



    For a healthy shine look and enhanced treatment result, use hair mask prior to hair treatment to prevent damage to the hair caused by hair caused by high temperature blow drying. 

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