CEMOY Marine Boost Collagen Face Mask 5 Pack

Premium Australian made face mask containing Antarcti-cine marine extract from the Antartic Sea and two revolutionary anti-aging peptides. Filled with natural ingredients such as green tea, cucumber extract, aloe vera juice and ginseng combine to soothe the skin, making the skin hydrated and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines leaving your skin feel fresh and more radiant.  

Designed to help to increase the collagen and elastin level of skin by moisturising and protecting the skin. 

Products are Made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients. Contains 5 x 28mL masks.


Key Ingredients:



Marine extract from the Antarctic sea which helps to increase the collagen level of the skin. Hydrate the skin continuously for 48 hours

- Increase collagen and elastin levels
- Moisturise and protect the skin
- Reduce the signs of aging


SNAP-8 Peptide

Highly effective in reducing wrinkles and preventing future wrinkles

- Volumise & plump the skin
- Octopeptide that reduces the depth of wrinkles

CEMOY Marine Boost Collagen Face Mask 5 Pack

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  • 1) Thoroughly remove make-up an cleanse face for optimal effect

    2) Carefully apply the mask to your face, making sure to cover all areas (avoid contact with eyes and lips)

    3) Leave the mask for 15 minutes

    4) Remove the mask and massage any remaining essence into your skin.

    5) Complete your skincare regime with a moisturiser

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